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I am a computational fluid dynamicist and multiphase flow, and environmental fluid modeler, with a love of learning and an aptitude for developing innovative approaches and tools to predict complex flows. I have generated new computational algorithms that improve our ability to model complex physical processes of fluid flow and transport for computational modeling of multiphase, turbulent mixing and reacting flows. Interested in applying my skills and experience in industry or academic environment.

Some of my accomplishment and skills are listed below.

  • Building a new parallel time-marching solver for unsteady flow solutions in the U.S. EPA Stormwater Management Model (SWMM).
  • Extending the capabilities of the new EPA Water Distribution Piping Model (EPANET) user interface by creating an optimal design plugin using Qt.
  • Created a new quadrature-based moment method to study aggregation and breakage of particles using population balance equation.
  • Applied the moment method to Fokker-Planck mixing model to study turbulent scalar mixing.
  • Created a new computation fluid dynamic model based on conditional quadrature method of moments for flash nanoprecipitation. It was applied to problems where the mixing and aggregation of polymers and organics happen simultaneously.
  • Applied the moment method to for premixed turbulent combustion.
  • Developed a numerical approach to study the growth and collapse of a cavitation bubble near thin metal plate, rigid boundary, free surface, and a compliant surface.

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