Testing quadrature-based moment methods for the mixing problems


It seems spring break gave me some time to run a simple case to test some application of Fokker-Planck mixing model using moment methods. As I always say, this work is never been possible without the help of my advisors, Prof. Alberto Passalacqua and Prof. Rodney O. Fox.

To perform this test case I ran the simulations on the -dev version of OpenFOAM®  using the buoyantSimpleFoam solver using RAS approach with LRR model. Velocity profile is shown as below.

Fig. 1 : Steady state solution of the velocity of the flow.

Next step was to perform the Fokker-Planck molecular mixing model using moment methods. For this part, I used the OpenQBMM®, package to obtain the mixture fraction and mixture fraction variance for the flow.

Fig. 2 : Steady state solution of the mixture fraction.

Fig. 3 : Steady state solution of the variance of mixture fraction.

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