NACA 4-digit airfoil mesh using blockMesh with m4 macro

NACA airfoils are common in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This post provides a mesh for NACA-4digits airfoils using blockMesh. It is a generalized piece of code where you can define the 4-digits and angle of attack inside the script to produce the desired mesh for your case. blockMesh is a built-in mesher in OpenFOAM®. It uses simple block structured meshes. I coded it using the m4 macro and Perl commands. I looked at the Håkon Strandenes code written in octave. However, I have coded it from scratch. Please take a look into it and feel free to report or modify it for enhancement using the github repository. I am open to any pull requests that improve this piece of meshing code. To cite this script, please use: DOI

Software requirements:

  • OpenFOAM-dev
  • m4

m4 file:

m4 file contains some commands that finally will generate the blockMesh dictionary. The advantage of using m4 is its ability of parametrisation the mesh.

  • add the complete perl-information into m4 file
define(calc, [esyscmd(perl -e 'use Math::Trig; print ($1)')])
  • labeling the vertices
define(vlabel, [{[{// }]Vertex $1 = VCOUNT define($1, VCOUNT)define([{VCOUNT}], incr(VCOUNT))}])
  • macro to initialize the blocks easily and more systematic
define(hex2D, hex ($1b $2b $3b $4b $1t $2t $3t $4t))
  • macro to define the walls and internal surfaces along $z$ direction
define(btQuad, ($1b $2b $2t $1t))
  • macro to define the inlet
define(bottomQuad, ($1b $2b $3b $4b))
  • macro to define the outlet
define(topQuad, ($1t $4t $3t $2t))
  • conversion of size
convertToMeters 1.0

In order to find the defined vertices and blocks easily, I also show them in a figure below with their labels:

Download blockMeshDict.m4 file:

You can download the file from blockMeshDict . once you downloaded the file move the file to:


Then executing the m4 macro will generate the blockMeshDict in the same folder:

m4 blockMeshDict.m4 > blockMeshDict

As it is obvious, blockMesh should be executed afterwards.

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