California State University, Long Beach (Assistant Professor)

MAE 330: Engineering Thermodynamics I (Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022)

This course introduces fundamental concepts based on zeroth, first and second laws of Thermodynamics. Properties and processes for ideal gases and solid-liquid-vapor phases of pure substances are studied. Sources of energy and conversion to work. Introduction to heat transfer and psychrometry Applications involve vapor power cycles.

MAE 431: Heat Transfer Systems Design (Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021)

This course introduces fundamental concepts and analysis of heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. Investigation of steady state and transient heat transfer systems. Computer methods. Individual-group design projects problems in heat transfer such as electronic packaging, heat exchangers, heat engines, refrigerators, and thermal systems analysis.

MAE 533: Gas Dynamics (Spring 2022)

This course introduces fundamental concepts and analysis of compressible flows. Understand basic concepts of one-dimensional compressible flows and the effects of heat addition, friction and area variation in ducts. Understand the concepts of normal and oblique shock waves and Prandtl-Meyer flows. Understand the concepts of unsteady wave propagation, acoustic theory and shock-tube relations. Solve the linearized subsonic and supersonic flows over solid wall or object.

MAE 537: Advanced Fluid Dynamics I (Spring 2022)

This course provides a detailed analysis, based on first principles, of the foundations of fluid mechanics. Particular attention is dedicated to the concepts of incompressible and compressible, viscous and inviscid, laminar, turbulent and developing fluid flows. Conservation equations for mass, momentum and energy are studied. The analysis of the fluid motion in different reference frames is performed.

Iowa State University (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

ME335L: Fluid Flow Lab 3 semesters

ME335: Fluid Flow 3 semesters

ME231: Engineering Thermodynamics 3 semesters

Heat Transfer 1 semesters

University of Tabriz (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

Machine Design 1 semesters

Compressible Fluid Flow 1 semesters